Thursday, 12 November 2009

Monty Don Mastercrafts on the BBC

Back in February the Heritage Crafts Association were contacted about a new BBC TV series on traditional crafts. Mastercrafts fronted by Monty Don is now on its way and details are on the BBC website here

Here is a trailer


  1. Would LOVE to see this but - unfortunately the BBC doesn't see fit to allow access to those outside the UK it seems. When I click it says "Not available in your area." Oh well. Looks to be like a great show.

  2. This looks like it will give excellent exposure for craftsmen, and Monty Don is one of my favourite, 'natural' presenters with a good easy manner.
    I do wonder though, how much this will be yet another of those personality challenges that seem to dominate the TV schedules these days. I'll reserve judgement though until I've seen it. The thatching looks good, there's none round here so it will be an education for me.