Tuesday, 19 July 2011

please send a quick message to your MP

The Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group is being spearheaded by Vince Cable 

It has been designed to celebrate the UK’s manufacturing sector by asking MPs to nominate a product made in their constituency – with the ultimate aim of producing an ‘Great Exhibition’ showcasing these products.

It would be really nice if some of those products were craft made items or at least local traditional manufacturing that somehow represented what was good in the MPs constituency. Please let Stoke's MPs choose  pots Sheffield's MPs choose cutlery and Walsall saddles.

It is very easy to recommend an item to your MP
First have a look here, put in your postcode to see if your MP has already done it (only 52 of 650 have so far) http://www.policyconnect.org.uk/apmg/made-by-britain

Decide the Made in Britain product or business you want to recommend then drop your MP a line either here http://www.policyconnect.org.uk/apmg/made-by-britain/write-to-your-mp
or if you don't know your MP (not many do) stick your postcode in here up pops your MP and top of the list of options is send a message to your MP, type away and send. Once you send you get an email and you have to click the link to confirm the message goes to your MP. Simple and it could result in your craft business or one you recommend getting some much needed publicity.

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