Friday, 19 July 2013

crafts on TV

A new TV crafts program is looking for craft apprentices......
Ricochet made "Mastercrafts" and this looks to be quite a similar format.

Do you have a Love and Talent for Creating Traditional or Contemporary Crafts?

Ever dream of becoming a Professional Crafts Person and Creating Masterpieces with your own hands?

Are you excited about working with Wood, Metal, Stone, Clay, Textiles or Glass and want to become a Master of your field?

We're making an exciting new series for a terrestrial UK channel and are looking for people to take part.  If you are a talented, passionate amateur crafts person who would love to hone your skills under the Mentorship of Britain’s top Crafts men and women in an opportunity that  could change your life forever then TV  production company Ricochet would love to talk to you.

If this is you or someone you know please contact us at or call the Crafts team on 01273 224 837.


  1. I am a professional wood turner so don't count if you require amateurs but would be interested in knowing how you decide on the tutors for these programmes

  2. It would be nice if you had a few devoted to the particular craft you are showing, that features someone who is already practising professionally in the line, to encourage and show it is still possible to use traditional skills in a contemporary market place.
    I am a traditional lacemaker, who now uses tradition to inform and influence contemporary practice both in lace and jewellery. Although a relatively new start up business, I am loving the 'job'.