Saturday, 22 August 2009

John Richardson rush seated chairs

Another fine craftsman at Linacre was John Richardson chairmaker. He makes fine ladderback chairs in the arts and crafts tradition. John lives on a narrowboat in Leicestershire and has a second boat as a workshop, this keeps his overheads low and his chairs are very reasonable though he is really semi retired now and does not make so many. I love rush seating, the colours are equally beautiful when first woven and when old and mellowed. Here he is rushing an old chair for a client.

The trick with rush seating is to twist it well and pull it tight. A good tight weave will last for years without sagging. I think there is a certain beauty in old craftsmen's hands worn through years of tough work.

And here is the finished chair, I feel you should never judge a chair before sitting in it and I can assure you this one is very comfortable.

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