Tuesday, 25 August 2009

making plates and London meetings

I always wanted to find a job which combined working with body mind and soul, this week has got a pretty good balance. Yesterday I cut up part of a big beech tree, this is my raw material for making plates. Much of the day I was working in the rain which made me appreciate the afternoon sun all the more.

I have not managed to source the right tree for quite a while and have been out of stock of plates which is a shame as they are one of the things I enjoy using most. Today I turned a nice set to add to others on the drying rack I turned last week. They will be ready in about a month so if you are on the waining list for plates, they are on their way.

Tomorrow I put on the suit and head to London for meetings representing the Heritage Crafts Association. First stop is the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust who have supported many traditional craftspeople with grants. Next is a meeting with the adviser on Heritage matters at the Department of Culture Media and Sport and last is a meeting with the director of the V&A. It should be an enjoyable and hopefully useful day, then Thursday it will be back in the workshop, bit of a contrast.

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  1. Hello Robin,

    nice photo, you can almost feel the passing of the rain. Great piece of beech and good that bits of it will be around for a long time to come. Is there a reason for choosing beech for plates?