Thursday, 6 May 2010

Closure of New Entrant Scheme Hereford College

The Heritage Crafts Association are very concerned about the forthcoming closure of the excellent new entrants scheme at Hereford College. For nearly 30 years this excellent training program has been available for in post training of working craftspeople. Many apprentices get sent there to learn their basic skills in forge work, upholstery, wheelwrighting or thatching. HCA are co-ordinting communications between all the affected crafts and doing whatever we can to find a way of keeping these courses going. We had this reply from Ian Peake principle of the college yesterday and I will be discussing the issues with him on the phone tomorrow.

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  1. Learning and Skills Council - now there is a quango which could be downsized perhaps, thereby releasing funds for people to learn and acquire skills on the NETS course? They are definitely going to become redundant if they go on like this, as there isn't going to be any call for them..!!

    This is incredibly short-sighted - I despair...
    Shani Phethean-Hubble