Monday, 31 May 2010

Yorkshire post highlights plight of traditional crafts

Nice article in the Yorkshire post.

Trevor Ablett is one of the last remaining pen- and pocket-knife makers in the country and at the age of 67, he's close to hanging up his tools and retiring – but who will take his place?
From the last few scissor-makers to the last sieve or riddle maker to the last broom and basket producer, skills that have been passed down through generations are on the edge of extinction.

According to the Heritage Crafts Association, set up a few weeks ago to help revive the fortunes of the master craftsman, many British crafts are in danger of dying out. Some of the smaller heritage crafts have declined to such an extent that only one person is still working in them.
"The major problem with traditional crafts at the moment is we fall outside the remit of all current Government agencies."

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  1. It is a great shame, we have all these skills to pass on for free, and no body is interested.
    Le Loup.