Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Appledore dry dock under threat

 The people of Appledore North Devon are fighting to save their maritime Heritage from speculative property developement. They have an excelent website and have managed to get the first planning proposal turned down but the developer is appealing. This is their website full of interesting info about the history of the 150 year old grade 11* listed dry dock (11* puts it in the most important 5% of listed heritage sites)

And below some brief info about their vision, lots more detail on the website.

Our Vision:
Not this:
The Vision for Richmond Dock has been based on a holistic approach that will benefit the residents of Appledore and secure the long term future of the site. It is essential that the Vision is economically sustainable and that the site is used in a way that will generate an income to help with any future maintenance and repairs of the Dock.
C.A.S.H. has sought the opinions of the community and would also like to work in partnership with the relevant bodies such as English Heritage and Torridge District Council.
The site can be a beacon for eco-friendly design and planning, with full disabled facilities. It should enhance the surrounding Conservation Area.
Of prime importance is the restoration of the Dry Dock to full working order and to have a development that will reflect the proud maritime heritage of Appledore.

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