Friday, 25 March 2011

Royal support for traditional crafts

A quiz....who said this;

“I have long had an admiration and respect for craftsmen of all kinds. It seems to me extraordinary that there hasn’t been enough attention paid to the development of these living traditions.”

“It seems to me to be absolutely crucial to support and encourage all those remarkable craftsmen and craftswomen who help to make the country what it is.”

“Clearly the survival of these skills is an essential requirement for the future wellbeing of our communities, encouraging these crafts is something I care about enormously.”

Past speeches by the new president of the Heritage Crafts Association, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. We have had support and encouragement from many influential folk that care passionately about the crafts but there is probably no one that is more influential or more passionate than HRH The Prince of Wales. We understand that he has followed our progress and we are delighted that he has agreed now to be our president.

Full news release here

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