Monday, 24 October 2011

new TV "Ade in Britain"

Following the BBCs "made in Britain" we can now look forward to TV funnyman Ade Edmonson traveling the country discovering regional traditions, crafts and cooking in "Ade in Britain"

"Ade Edmonson takes a culinary road trip around Britain revealing the eccentricities and character of each region through their most celebrated dishes. Indulging in his love for both cookery and British culture, Ade takes to his iconic Land Rover to meet the producers and farmers behind many famous local delicacies. He also takes part in regional traditions and customs from Morris dancing to cheese rolling along the way. Each of Ade’s funny and insightful journeys culminates in a scrumptious feast whipped up on his trusty mobile kitchen to celebrate each area’s unique food heritage. "

Press pack is embargoed until 1st Nov but if you google there is plenty of info out there already.

Ade seems to be going for something of a culinary Fred Dibnah look, he was in Bakewell to check out Bakewell puddings.

And Just down the road from me at Eyam school to see well dressing.
The main focus of the show looks to be food traditions, from Melton Mobray pies to Yorkshire puds but we also know he tried his hand at thatching and clogmaking and eel catching .
Cool mini and foodie trailer 

Watch the trailer here

It was nice to see the cockle pickers using Hill and Sons riddles although I also saw a craft I have a real problem with Welsh love spoons (lots of tacky trash sold on the back of made up Victorian tradition whilst the wonderful tradition of cawl spoons is overlooked)

Great to see more British traditions on the TV though for me Ade will always be Vivyan.

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