Sunday, 9 October 2011

UK Parliamentary Group recomend my work

The all Part Parliamentary Manufacturing Group is an initiative of Vince Cable to highlight the great manufacturing that still goes on in the UK. Each MP is asked to recommend local manufacturers that we can be proud of.
I am delighted that my MP Andrew Bingham has recommended not only myself but fellow craft business Hill and Sons riddle and sieve-makers. Here we are on the official website

I get a picture of a bowl and spoon and bit of blurb
"Robin Wood turns wooden bowls on a foot powered lathe. The craft is 2000 years old and died out in 1958. Mr. Wood revived it and then taught the skill to people in the UK, USA, Sweden and Japan. He has supplied the Globe Theatre, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London with his product. He also supplied props for the Ridley Scott film Robin Hood as well as exporting all over the world."

It would be nice to say it's great to be recognised for the work I do but the truth is it is shameless self promotion. When I heard about the scheme we tried to encourage other craftspeople through the HCA to recommend their MP put forward traditional craft businesses. I visited my MP at one of his regular surgeries and suggested he put forward a local craft and gave him some names including myself and Hill and Sons, he put us both forward. Over half the MPs have not made a recomendation yet so there is still time to suggest to your MP that they could put forward a traditional craft business. Stick your postcode in here to see is your MP has done it yet and if s/he has not wizz them an email.

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