Sunday, 11 December 2011

life is a gym for head, hand and heart.

It seems to me that the life many people aspire to at the moment involves spending the working day in important meetings or at a computer or doing similar cerebral work, then in the morning or evening jogging or pumping iron at the gym to get that perfect body.

These gyms seem bizarre places to me, I have walked past them in London full of folk pounding away like so many hamsters on wheels. The bizarre thing is that all those machines are consuming electricity, I'd like to see a gym that generated electricity or better see those folk out carrying shopping for old ladies or some  other useful physical activity. Besides that I struggle with the idea of pounding away just to get the current trendy body shape. I think far better to live a balanced life that involves a mix of cerebral and physical activity. At the moment I am converting my ex village police station into a holiday cottage, there is a lot of hard labouring work which a hard nosed business annalist would say I should pay a labourer £50 a day to do whilst I got on with more lucrative work. I earn an average of £80 a day so I can't argue with the economics but there is something more important than economics to me. By doing the labouring myself I get a feeling of empowerment, and also a good workout which would cost my cerebral friends a hefty gym fee. Here I am starting to demolish the old wall separating the old garage from the police station office, I reckon you could charge for this it was such fun.

Why is it that doing this stuff as part of the working day is looked down upon whilst paying to sweat in the gym is viewed as a good thing? This is all part of my philosophy of living a balanced life with work involving hand, head and heart. Past posts on the subject here


  1. I know exactly where you are coming from.

    But how to get through to others, how to get through the brainwashing (advertising)?

    And it’s not just the physical exercise thing or the satisfaction of having created something there is also an economic side.

    Witness all those sweaty folk paying, to make up at the gym, for the lack of exercise they have ‘achieved’ by having spent a fortune on labour saving devices.

    And how to explain to someone who offers to lend me their power plane that I’m using this hand plane because that is what I prefer to use?

  2. Some folk just don't get it and never will so it's a waste of breath trying to convince them. Some folk are total converts already so it's fun to share. Some folk have just never considered that there may be another side to the story and amongst those a few are still open to consider alternatives. I like not to be dogmatic myself and try to stay open to alternatives though as we get older we tend to like to think we know it all.