Wednesday, 7 December 2011

two great craft films

Here is a really nice film of Finnish blacksmith Jesse Sipola, he has developed a system of using hand held air hammers for fine forging work, particularly faces, it's a nicely shot and edited film too.

Jesse Sipola, Seppä | Blacksmith (2011) from Eero Y on Vimeo.

and here is one for the woodies it is an absolute gem, recorded in 1984 two "bushmen" Bill Boyd and Mark Garner fell a tree, split "slabs" off it and hew them to make house timbers. I have worked with some seriously talented hewers in Japan, Germany and the best from the UK, when I watched the first few seconds of this film with these two chaps sat on the porch sharpening their axes I thought it all looked a bit hammed up for the cameras but just stick with it, they are as skilled and effortless as anyone I have ever seen with an axe.

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  1. Those guys are absolutely amazing. Bill Boyd makes hefting an axe look as delicate and precise as handling a pencil!