Tuesday, 29 January 2013

grant opportunity for craftspeople?

Could this be an opportunity for craftspeople? There is £1.25 million government money to  be invested in grants of up to £25,000 for new designs with low environmental impact. If folk use good quality stuff they throw away less.


£25,000 Competition from the TSB

Win up to £25k of co-funding to design new products that make better use of resources

The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s Innovation Agency, will shortly be opening the second round of the “New designs for a circular economy” competition. This competition is intended to help companies work with new partners to radically rethink the design of products, components or systems and generate value by retaining or regenerating materials and components over several cycles of use.
Manufacturing companies are well acquainted with high or volatile prices and the risk of materials shortages that are a consequence of increasing global competition for raw materials. “Circular economy” approaches can help manufacturers protect themselves against these pressures by developing long-term value and a deeper, more service-oriented relationship with the customer.
The second round of the competition opens on 11 February 2013, with a mandatory registration on noon 20 March 2013. The deadline for all applications is noon 27 March 2013.
·         Read more about the thinking behind the programme here
·         Download the competition brief directly here
·         Contact John Whittall at the Technology Strategy Board to find out more, john.whittall@tsb.gov.uk

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