Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ai Weiwei sunflower seeds and amazing pottery skills

Some videos today, first potters in Pakistan. The skill, dexterity and effortless speed of production is impressive. At 7.40 he throws a pot in 5 seconds, that is mind boggling.

and another from India, I don't know that much about throwing pots but I imagine throwing very tall thin forms like this is not so easy and they are incredibly consistent.

Now Ai Weiwei and his sunflower seeds. I watched this film last week and then went to see the seeds on display at Tate modern. It's a real shame you can't walk on them as the artist intended but I was most impressed by the film and the meaning behind the making. Having done a bit of web searching about his other work and political meaning I think Ai Weiwei is rapidly becoming one of my favourite artists. The film starts slow and is 15 minutes long but it really is worth it and for folk who are more into craft than art, don't worry there is plenty of craft.

This is what it should have been like, and was on opening day/

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