Tuesday, 23 November 2010

special Christmas present?

Do you know anyone that sews or does embroidery and apreciates lovely handmade things?
Then how about these for a gorgeous Christmas present.

Hand made in Sheffield gold plated and they work perfectly. They come in a leather sheath and presentation box delivered to your door for just £20 which I think is a bit of a bargain but then you are buying them direct from the makers. Ernest Wright of Sheffield.
Here is Cliff setting a pair of  tailors shears.

 And demonstrating setting the embroidery scissors at the V&A at the HCA launch event last year.

The gold plated ones suit small hands for larger hands like mine the slightly bigger "antique" finish polished steel ones work best.

Here are their contact details, they are nice folk and it's easy to order by phoning and posting a check or you can use the website. I suspect if you want to order multiple pairs for more gifts there would be saved post costs. They do great tailors shears and kitchen scissors too.

Tel :  0114 273 9977 (with answering facility, should we ever not be in the office. Please remember we are a small company.)

Email: enquiries@ernestwright.co.uk
Website: www.ernestwright.co.uk


  1. Robin, you've just made my day. my mother was an embroiderer and I remember her using the gold plated stork scissors but she managed to break one of the fine tips (I shudder to think what she was doing with it). she's 85 now and still does a little sewing. a fine gift indeed.

  2. I am sure she will be delighted. I took these as gifts to Japan, they appreciate craftsmanship there but also the stork is very symbolic.